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Spray Foam Insulation

Here at Biofoam we provide high performance spray foam insulation. Our spray insulation products offer a quality insulation system with air-tightness insulation and soundproofing insulation all in one.

We offer detailed information as to why Biofoam spray insulation is the best choice insulation compared with other spray insulation systems.

Safe and Reliable Insulation

Our products are safe and reliable, lasting a lifetime!

What is spray foam?

Spray foam is a polyurethane foam insulation system produced through the mixing of 2 components in equal quantities. Thay are a derivative of Polyurethanes which were first discovered in the late 1930’s in Germany. Early spray foams were all high density and used primarily in heavy industry and refrigeration. However, these early spray foam insulation systems were all chemical blown and produced green house gases which are bad for the environment.

Polyurethanes come in a wide variety, spray foams are but one type of polyurethane. Other polyurethanes include EPS / XPS foam, Polystyrene insulation, Pheonolic foam, PUR and PIR insulation. PIR, EPS and XPS are primarily used for the production of board insulations.  Pheonolic foam is used mainly for moulding. Polystyrene is used widely in the packaging industry. All these polyurethanes belong to the same chemistry family but vary in formulation, application and production. PUR also known as PU, polyurethanes or spray foam are produced from a equal volume mixture of A-side to B-side material. As spray foam is only created on site (the 2 materials are only mixed when foam is required) it gives spray foam an advantage over other varieties of polyurethane as most are required to be produced into final stage prior to shipping.

The reaction of spray foam is a rapid process. The reactivity of the material generally takes on average 2-5 seconds from the initial reaction to the completed reaction. This means that spray foam can be applied to any surface area regardless of orientation. The materials are mixed using specialist machinery and are applied using a spray gun designed for spray foam. Due to the high reactivity of the material it is not mixed until it reaches the tip of the gun during application. Spray foam is produced from the reaction between the A-side material and the B-side material, when the materials are mixed together they expand rapidly. During the expansion a cellular structure is formed to stabilize the material for curing which prevents the expanded foam from shrinking or falling apart. All Biofoam insulation products are known as water blown foam insulation systems, they do not use blowing agents or gases to accelerate the product. Other spray foam products use chemical or gas assisted blowing agents which are harmful to both the planet and its inhabitants.

There are two distinguishable types; Open-Cell foam and Closed-Cell foam. Open-Cell foams are made up of a cellular structure which are prodominently open-cells. These cells are breathable as they are not sealed and allow a gradual air flow. Open cell spray foams are mainly used in residential applications such as home insulation. The other type of spray insulation is Closed-Cell foam. This type of foam has a cellular structure which is prodomentaly closed cell. This material is not breathable. Closed-cell foam is used mainly in commercial insulation applications and heavy industry.

An intelligent system is a term used to describe the properties of spray foam. They are an intelligent insulation system due to their many benefits besides insulation. It will increase the air-tightness insulation of a structure, it is used as a noise reduction insulation which makes the level of comfort much better within a structure. It is a lasting insulation system that does not break down, rot, sag or release any dust or fibrous particles they will significantly reduce amount of air born particles in a structure. Polyurethane spray foam have become the insulation of choice for houses using ventilation systems and heat recovery systems, reducing utility bills through an increased efficiency in heating systems. For individuals suffering from asthma or prone to allergies, spray foam is the best choice in insulation due to its stability.

High quality insulation

At Biofoam we only use quality spray foam from high quality bio-renewable materials and our water blown systems. Our customers can be reassured that we DO NOT use chemically blown or soy based products; only caster based products.

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